The Boys in the Basement

It is interesting what happens, sometimes, in writing a book. Once is a while, as Stephen King says, “the boys in the basement, one’s subconscious, take over”.
In planning my new book, Forty-Four Caliber Justice, I had decided that there would be no love interest in this Western. It was going to be a solid shoot-’em-up with no distractions to the hero.
Clay Barlow, the hero in the book, was in the Brackett General Store. He is dealing with the proprietor, a crusty, elderly gentleman, when the little bell on the door rings and….
I don’t know if you can imagine how surprising that was. It had not been planned nor expected. She just walked in from nowhere. Incidents like this happen, sometimes, in writing a book. It is surprising and gratifying when it happens. They don’t always stay in the book, but sometimes they do.

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