Donald L. Robertson

Donald L. Robertson is a writer of novels and short stories about the American West. His first novel, Logan’s Word, is set in West Texas near Coleman, where he graduated from high school. Robertson strives to make his books as historically accurate as possible.

He was born in Louisiana but, was raised by his parents in his mother’s home state of Texas.  Throughout his life, he has lived in many parts of Texas and has a love of that state.

Professionally, he enjoyed the life of a pilot, flying throughout the West, living 10 years in Arizona, several years in New Mexico and traveled around exploring Colorado. His travels gave him the opportunity to learn about and fall in love with the country about which he would later write.

As a boy, he spent many Saturdays at the all-day movies. He reveled in all of the western adventures, especially those of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Lash LaRue. One of his favorite western actors continues to be John Wayne.

As a youngster, he shared his passion of reading westerns, with one of his loving aunts who had a huge library of western novels. This is where he came to love Louis L’Amour and other western authors. Evidence of these influences appear throughout Robertson’s novels, assuring that they are wholesome and  adventurous, filled with action and good values which can be enjoyed by any member of the family.

Today, he lives with his wife, Paula, and a six pound, Chihuahua, guard dog in Cuenca, a little city nestled in the Andes mountains of Ecuador.