Blurb - Soul of a Mountain Man

Soul of a Mountain Man: Logan Mountain Man Series – Book 1

“Don’t come west of the Mississippi, boy. If you do, I’ll hang your guts on a cottonwood tree for the magpies to eat.”

Floyd Logan, a strapping sixteen year old woodsman and hunter wins his first Turkey Shoot, beating all the men from Limerick, Tennessee and a stranger, an unruly mountain man. The prize is two brand new fifty-four caliber pistols, and the mountain man wants them so much he demands Floyd lose. The man even threatens him with a savage death.

Undeterred, Floyd wins and heads west to become a mountain man.

Danger lurks on the Great Plains and in the Rockies. Yet, he is compelled by a burning desire to push west.

Will he reach the mountains?

What misfortunes lie in wait for Floyd?

Does he have the determination, the desire, the strength. Does he have the Soul of a Mountain Man?

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat, anxious to read what awaits you on the next page.


Blurb - Trials of a Mountain Man

Trials of a Mountain Man – Logan Mountain Man Series -Book 2

Danger in the untamed frontier. Shadowy hunters preying on the weak. Can he mete out justice before an arrow finds his heart?

Colorado, 1833. Floyd Logan has grown into a strong young man, thriving as a rugged loner in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. Through hard work, he’s honed his skills and carved out an uncomplicated existence — only to have his peace shattered by an enormous grizzly’s roar. And though Floyd deals the bear a killing blow, his dire wounds mean only the skilled hands of a Shoshone Chief’s wife and her enchanting assistant can pull him back from death’s door.

As he heals and begins to learn her language, the scarred explorer’s feelings grow for his gentle savior. So when a Blackfoot raiding party abducts his new love, he joins forces with the chief’s warrior son in a desperate race to rescue her from a terrible fate.

Can Floyd free the noble woman, or will blackguards leave his bones for the vultures to pick clean?

Trials of a Mountain Man is the second book in the prequel to the sweeping Logan Family Western historical fiction series. If you like engaging heroes, breathtaking action, and true-to-life chronicles, then you’ll adore Donald L. Robertson’s gritty tale.

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Blurb - Mettle of a Mountain Man

Mettle of a Mountain Man – Logan Mountain Man Series Book 3

Can the ten years Floyd Logan has spent in the Shining Mountains, honing his survival skills, prepare him for the dangers he will face as he returns to his Tennessee homeplace?

Torn between the love he feels for his Shoshone wife Leotie and son Mika, and his family in Tennessee, Floyd Logan determines he must return to see his aging parents. Timing couldn’t be worse. Smallpox is attacking northern tribes, and the winter promises to be the worst in many years, but Leotie tilts the scales by expressing her concern for his parents at their age.

Floyd will face danger, excitement, and adventure in his quest to see his family and return to his new family and the mountains.

Mettle of a Mountain Man is the third book in the prequel to the sweeping Logan Family Western historical fiction series. If you like your heroes with character, battling evil, set in heart-stopping action, then Donald L. Robertson’s courageous yarn is for you.

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Logan's Word-3D_2

Logan’s Word: A Logan Family Western – Book 1

As Rory lay dying after the battle of Cedar Creek in the Shenandoah Valley, Captain Josh Logan gave his word to his best friend, Lieutenant Rory Nance.

Now, two years later, deep in the Comancheria, Josh Logan rides to fulfill his dying friend’s request. As he rides through the rolling, West Texas hills, blood-thirsty Comanches could wait in the next ravine or around the next hill. Yet, he is determined to fulfill his promise.

His message delivered, he must make a decision that could cost him his life. Will Josh stay and help Rory’s father save his ranch from sharp-shooters, murderers, and land-grabbers, or continue to Colorado to join his brother Callum before the snow flies?

Logan’s Word, Logan Family Western Series Book One, is a fast-paced, action-packed Western in the tradition of the great Western writer, Louis L’Amour.



The Savage Valley: A Logan Family Western – Book 2

“You men got a choice. Pull leather and die, or drop your guns. Makes no never mind to me.”

Callum Logan is a man of quick decision and execution. His fast gun has saved him on more than one occasion. Though hardened by the horrors of the Civil War, he gives each man a chance, unless they prove it’s undeserved.

Now, on his way to begin a new life in the Colorado West, he’s eager to put the killing behind him. But while rescuing a family from despicable outlaws, he is forced to kill the leader of the small band, putting himself in direct conflict with the outlaw’s brother, Elwood Wister, whose gang has become the scourge of Southwest Colorado.

Can Callum’s quick thinking and determination help him survive his greatest challenge yet? Is he ready for another battle? Will Wister succeed in executing his brutal plan to take revenge?

Accompany Callum Logan as he embarks on the journey to build a new life, for himself and his family. Experience the savagery and danger that may lurk around every bend, in the shadows of the majestic Sangre de Cristos.


Callum’s Mission: A Logan Family Western – Book 3

“You keep turning that shotgun toward me, Pickering, and your boys’ll be hauling your fat carcass to the cemetery.”

Callum Logan faces a challenge, along a trail he has traveled before. But this time, he is accompanied by precious cargo.
Ride the Cherokee Trail with Callum, three years after a bloody war that divided state against state, town against town, and brother against brother, as he attempts to guide his family from their ravaged horse farm back East to the waiting ranch in Colorado. Accompany him as he battles corrupt officials in Tennessee, greedy thieves in Arkansas, and Indians and bandits on the Great Plains.
Will he fulfill his mission to bring his loved ones safely to their new home, nestled in the shadows of the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Colorado? Is he destined to fail, or will his experience, cunning, fists, and six-guns blast his way to success?


Logan's Word-3D_2

Forgotten Season: A Logan Family Western – Book 4

A Civil War soldier survives his battlefield wounds…

…but a final head shot erases his memory and leaves him comatose.

After surviving the bloodiest war in U.S. history, will it be peacetime that finally kills him?

Henry Remington awakes from a six-month coma with a Medal of Honor pinned to his pillow, but no recollection of how he got there. When three fellow soldiers insist he saved them and want to repay the favor, Hank accepts their offer of a partnership of a Texas ranch and embarks on a ship bound for Galveston.

Fate seems determined to put him in an early grave when a disastrous altercation with the first mate gets him thrown overboard, setting in motion an epic journey that tests his mettle at every turn. Tough as a coffin nail, Hank never backs away from a fight, but can he survive without knowing his true identity and its secrets? And if he can regain his memory, will a forgotten past catch up with him and cost him everything?

If you love the Logan Family westerns, this new installment is a must! Find out why one reviewer writes, “I finished the novel in 5 hours and only put it down to eat supper.” An unforgettable saga set in the American west, Forgotten Season will keep you turning pages until its breathtaking climax.

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Forty-Four Caliber Justice - 3D

Forty-Four Caliber Justice: Justice Series – Book 1

A classic Western tale of good versus evil, set in the hostile environs of 1873 Texas.

In this compelling story of Clay Barlow, he returns home to find his family murdered in most a heinous way. Up until this moment his life has been that of any seventeen year old growing up on a ranch in the old west. Now, his life is changed forever.

Upon finding the remains of his parents, Clay swears to avenge them and bring the killers to justice. Though the odds are against him, he saddles Blue and rides to his destiny.

Ride with Clay as he goes against almost insurmountable odds in his pursuit of justice. Will he succeed in his quest, or will he join his parents?

Forty-Four Caliber Justice is a fast-paced, guns-blazing, white-knuckle Western you will find impossible to put down.



Law and Justice: Justice Series – Book 2

Bullets rip the air, snapping past Clay Barlow’s head as, riding Blue, he charges the band of robbers surrounding the Austin stagecoach. Clay lets loose with a load of buckshot from his 12-gauge Roper Repeating Shotgun. With his third blast, the robbers turn tail and race off into the Texas hill country, leaving one of their own dying in the hot Texas dust.

At eighteen, Clay has been invited to join the Texas Rangers. Now, he rides to Austin to either put on the Rangers’ badge, or fight for the law in Texas courts, fulfilling his parents wish that he becomes an attorney.

Whether he protects Texas on the range or in the courtroom, his quick and deadly six-guns will not be stilled.

Join Clay as his path takes him from brawls to blizzards to gunfights. The only question remaining, will he survive to choose between Law and Justice?


Lonesome Justice: Justice Series – Book 3

Need Help. In Presidio. Jake

Clay Barlow, Texas Ranger, never turned his back on a friend, and he wasn’t starting now. After receiving the cryptic message from Jake Coleman, his good friend, and fellow Texas Ranger, he immediately headed west.

But the reason he now finds himself staked out in a dry river bed in West Texas was his thoughts of the girl he met in Austin. He had ignored his first rule. Always be alert. His mind, occupied with smiling lips, blonde hair, and blue eyes, failed to register the desperados until they had the drop on him.

Now, the searing West Texas sun beats down on his exposed skin with the intensity of a blacksmith’s furnace. Pain hammers every inch of his body, not only from the sun but from the hundreds of giant red ants that are devouring him one tiny bite at a time.

What kind of trouble is Jake in?

Is he still waiting in Presidio?

Most importantly, will Clay survive the sun and the ants to help his friend?


Old Ranger - High Resolution

The Old Ranger: A Texas Ranger Short Story

Chuck Nielson hung up his six shooter and retired from the Texas Rangers ten years ago, at one time the fastest draw west of the Mississippi. He loves two things, his wife and his ranch.

Now the Sunset Kid is in town. He’s killed seven men—all seven died with the sun in their eyes. Chuck is number eight and the Kid has sent word for him to be in the town street at sunset.

If Chuck meets the Kid, he risks everything; if he stays home he loses his self-respect, and the Kid goes on killing.



Because of a Dog

A Western Novella

All he wanted was a ranch.

Nolan Parker rides into Mustang City looking for grazing land of his own.

With money in his pocket, he’s in town to buy a ranch, then a white mutt leaps into his life and demands protection.

Nolan finds himself embroiled in the beginnings of a range war, battling the hired gunmen of a ruthless rancher. Now, he must make a decision. Stay and fight, or cut and run.

Because of a Dog, is a drama of honor, love, death, and a big white dog—a stirring tale of the old west that will keep you engrossed to the very end.



Rustlers in the Sage

A Western Novella

Holt Kincannon has nothing left but his horse, his guns, and his pride. His years as a Texas rancher and lawman are behind him. His wife and son rest on a lonely hill overlooking the Llano River.

Now, he rides through the rugged mountains and sagebrush covered valleys of Northern New Mexico, searching. He’s hoping for a new life, but will settle for a hot meal.