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Today, I’d like to discuss the all important Amazon review. Many of you are familiar with reviews on Amazon. You read a lot, and you review the books or items you buy. Reviews are important to authors as I’m sure they are to folks selling other products.

If you’re one of those who write reviews on Amazon; thank you. Unfortunately, this will cover old ground for you. But if you have a friend who occasionally purchases a book from Amazon, then you might send them a link to this blog, so they can learn how to review the book or books they’ve read.

Now I’m not telling you l’m an expert on Amazon’s algorithm, but I know that reviews play a big part. That’s why authors are always asking their readers to please review the books they’ve read, and if you’ve read Logan’s Word, please review it.

When you decide to do a review, go to the book page of the book you purchased. For an example, you can click on Logan’s Word. I have set up a link that will take you to the book page. If you don’t want to use the link, you can type in your address bar. After Amazon’s landing page opens, type Logan’s Word in the Amazon search bar. Also, you need not buy the book on Amazon to review it. If your friend gave you Logan’s Word, and you liked it, or you hated it, you can still review it on the book page.

After you’ve arrived at the book page, scroll down past the “Book Description,” past the “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed,” and continue past “Product Details.” You’re almost there. Scroll down to the next section, “Customer Reviews.” Here you can read the Logan’s Word reviews, or reviews for any other book you are reviewing.

To post your own review, scroll down to the bottom of the “Customer Reviews.” You’ll find a button labeled “Write a customer review.” Click on this button, and it will take you to the review page. You’ll see a set of five blank stars. Just click on the number you feel the book rates. Beneath the stars is a text box. This is where you type in your likes or dislikes for Logan’s Word, or whichever book you’re reviewing.

You’re doing great, but you’re not quite finished. Beneath the text box is a box for your title. If you don’t put in a title, the system will use a portion of your review as title. After typing in your title, just hit the submit button, beneath and to the right of the title box.

That’s all there is to posting a review. For those of you who have never reviewed a book or product before, I hope this helps you. For the rest of you folks who are checked out on the review process, thanks for your patience.

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  1. Both of the western books (dog and forty four) were great reading. Once I started reading I could not stop until I finished them.Would like to see both of them continued as a SERIES.

  2. Hi William,
    I’m glad you liked the books. Thank you for your good words. You’ll be glad to know that I am considering doing a series with Clay Barlow of Forty-Four Caliber Justice.
    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Hey Donald,
    I just finished all 4 of your books. I had never heard of you until I was searching Amazon for free Kindle westerns and saw your name. I read the free one and liked it so much I bought the other three. I am glad you are going to have the two series. I enjoyed Logan and Clay. I just hope you don’t take too long to write them. I just joined your email list and saw that you sent The Old Ranger which I have already read. But thanks anyway. Have a great day.

  4. Tom, Thank you so much for your loyalty. It is fans like you that make this so rewarding. You will be glad to know that I just finished writing Book 2 of the Logan Family, The Savage Valley. I have also written another story that will only be available on my website. Everyone on the mailing list will automatically receive Hell Hath No Fury. I hope you will enjoyed these two as well. Have a great day, you certainly made mine!
    PS Please leave reviews on Amazon, it makes a big difference to an author.

  5. This series just keeps getting better. Logan’s Word was a wonderfully entertaining read. I enjoyed Savage Valley even more….probably because Logan’s Word introduced and developed the characters in such a way that reuniting with them again in Savage Valley was such a treat. I had a tough time putting the book down and am sad now that it is over. That is my barometer for a five star book! Good job Don Robertson!

  6. I have read logan’s world and will be getting the next one (Savage Valley ) now. Can’t wait to get it,so I can get to read a great book.
    I know it will be a good story like Logan World or ever better.
    Thank you for writing such great books,keep it up so we have great books to read. Thank you, I am waiting for any book that you write so
    I can read them.

  7. I love to read westerns. I have found several authors that I can not get enough of. Don Robertson is one of them. Just finished the Logan series. Will be looking for more.

  8. Law & justice..just finished books of Clay Barlow. Have read several of your books and they have all been great kept my atention will be looking for more.

  9. I recently discovered your novels and novellas and can’t get enough of them. Thus far, I’ve read Logan’s Word; Forty-Four Caliber Justice; Rustlers in the Sage; The Old Ranger; and Because of a Dog. I’ve written reviews of a couple of them on Amazon. It’s refreshing to read stories by an author who can actually write. You have an easy going way about your main characters, and makes them come to life on the page. I’m looking forward to reading Law and Justice, which I just downloaded to my Kindle. Thanks for the entertaining stories.

  10. I just wanted to thank you your free copy of your newest book on Barlow. It was fantastic. I know it wasn’t the finished product but it was so good. Thanks again and I can’t wait to see it in print. God bless.

  11. I just finished reading all three books(Logans Word,The Savage Valley,Callums Mission) I enjoyed all 03 books. For me they were all FIVE Stars,loved there was no sex or foul language so I could read your excellent stories without having to pass thru many pages. Keep up the EXECELLENT work. Looking forward to reading your other books.Her

  12. I am an 80 year old western fan and lifetime reader of same. Having been widowed recently I am alone a lot and reading extensively. I have just finished the justice series and would encourage you to continue with this team of characters. I am also a louie L”Amore fan and throut my life have enjoyed most western authors. I believe you rate right up there with the best of them. I will try to read the rest if I can. your fan Ted McPhie



  13. Just finished the Justice Series and read Rustlers in the Sage before them. Thoroughly enjoyed all 4 books. Love reading westerns and finding well written, clean stories is always a pleasure. Thank you. Looking forward to starting the Logan series!

  14. I just read the clay Barlow series and loved them. I’m a series type of lady and would love to hear about the continuing Barlow saga!!!I’m now a fan. Love your writing.

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